Live Stream Now Available With English Hebrew & Yiddish Narration
bais hamikdash
Now Available In Live Stream - Get 4 days access to the 75 minute Bais Hamikdash Video in HD.

Once you have checked out you will receive an email with an access link which will give you the ability to stream directly to your computer and view the Bais Hamikdash Video 3 times within a 4 day time limit.

English Package

75 Minute Video With English Narration

Available In DVD or Live Stream

Hebrew Package

75 Minute Video With Narration In עברית

Available In Live Stream Only

Yiddish Package

75 Minute DVD With Narration In יודיש

Available In Video or Live Stream

See the בית שני as it has not been seen in nearly two thousand years.

Feel the emotional pull as you "walk" through the gates, the lishkos, the azarah, the kodesh, and even the kodesh hakodoshim.
Study the design, function and purpose of its structure, & instruments.
Experience the history, hashkafa, and majesty emanating from the Ribbono Shel Olam's דירה בתחתונים.
But most of all... Gain a new appreciation for the concept of "צפית לישועה",
as the longing for ביאת המשיח and the בית שלישי takes on renewed meaning and relevance.
...accompanied by stimulating narration & stirring melodies.

A Comprehensive presentation of its... Hashkafah... History... and Structure

Created by Chaim Shmuel Friedman